Thirsty bats! Do they drink water?

We all know about the basic features and characteristics of bats, but a very few of them know that if a bat is flying on the sky at night, they are thirsty because they have a characteristic of sending high- pitched sounds. They hear no echo from anywhere. They can sense the water while they are flying over it. While flying over the water bodies, they feel thirsty because they are performing their job for such a long period.

How they approach the water?

They look for the water bodies like stream, river and lakes etc. They can sense it by getting the signal from the water. After that, they dive, opens the mouth and drink the water. They sip the water with a mouthful. Naturally, when we talk about water bodies, they are very smooth, and the waves the water has inside it creates a sound which can be easily detected by bats easily. As we all know that, bats can easily detect the sound of anything. Waves of sound that hit the surface of still water would generally bounce away, except for those aimed straight downwards.

What kind of water do they prefer?

Bats prefer water from the smooth and natural water bodies. They are more attracted to it than other metal coated artificial water bodies. Their attraction towards smooth surfaces is so strong that they nearly ignore any other sources. The main reason behind it is that they smell different and because they are artificially set up, they taste different. Many researchers researched how the bats react to different water bodies. Most of the adult bats (almost 95 per cent did not prefer water bodies that artificially made. They prefer drinking from the metal coated water bodies only when they were extremely thirsty. The echo patterns don’t completely override information from the other senses though; they dominate them. In complete darkness or dim light, they drink more because they could hear clearly from where they can get their water. Because they can’t see, sometimes they mistake metal with water because they get the same waves from both of them which is difficult to differentiate.

How is important echolocation for bats?

Echolocation is extremely important for bats but due to it bats are facing problems because they cannot differentiate between water and metals and they can be fooled by plates if it is near the water bodies. They can drink through other human-made water bodies only if they are smooth. It will be quiet interesting to see whether they do this, how often it happens and whether it causes them any harm.

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